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How to order a product?
Add the selected product to the cart, fill in all the required fields on the checkout page and click the "Checkout" button. If you have difficulties placing an order, you can always call the hotline number +38 (098) 234-94-74 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or write to the e-mail info@week.life
After placing the order, the manager will contact you to clarify the details. If you are sure of your order and you do not need an additional information, you can mark the order with the "Do not call to confirm an order" checkmark.

Is it possible to exchange or return the product?

The warranty period for the product is 60 calendar days from the moment of purchase. In cases of technological defects of the goods, which do not depend on the buyer, a free service is provided to eliminate them. We service and repair only products of our own production.


The term of return and exchange of goods is carried out within 14 calendar days from the moment of sale, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, provided that the integrity of the packaging and the originality of the goods are preserved. Used goods cannot be exchanged or returned.


- Return the product to the store yourself;
- deliver the goods by courier or postal service, delivery is paid by the customer;
- In the case of an exchange, the delivery of the new product is carried out after receiving the previous product back;

(*The money for the product is returned within 14 days after its actual receipt).

1. Fill out the application and return form, which are in the box with the product, or you can download it here.
2. Take a photo of the completed application and the return certificate and send it to the online order processing manager.
3. The manager will confirm the return, or if necessary, ask to make changes to the application and to the act-form.
4. After the manager has confirmed the return, put into the box: - a product - a receipt confirming the purchase and payment - a completed application and a certificate of return
5. Package all of the above and send to: 

FOP FEDORENKO TETIANA MYKHAILIVNA, EDRPOU 2722111183. Contact person: Lazutkina Iryna. tel. +380 98-519-82-27, m. Dnipro, Nova Poshta, branch #86. After sending, send the TTN number to the manager of the online-store.

(*The money for the product is returned within 14 days after its actual receipt).
Methods of payment and delivery
- Payment in stores
- Cash / Terminal
- Payment for the order in Ukraine -  online payment, payment by bank details, cash on delivery
- Order payment outside of Ukraine - online payment, payment by bank details


- Self-delivery - free of charge
Dnipro, blvd. Zoryanyi 1a shopping mall "DAFI"
Dnipro, 55 D. Yavornytskyi Ave
Lviv, st. Ruska, 12

- Delivery of Uklon in 2-3 hours / from UAH 100 (Dnipro, Lviv)
- Nova Poshta - all of Ukraine / 3-7 days / according to the carrier's tariffs
- UkrPoshta - all of Ukraine / 5-14 days / according to the carrier's tariffs, // Other countries - from 14 days
- DHL - Worldwide / 7-14 days / from $50

Free delivery within Ukraine with full payment online or using bank details for purchases over 500 UAH
How to choose your size?
We have developed a size chart that will help you choose your size easily. You can view the size chart HERE 

If you have any doubts, our managers will be happy to help you choose the correct size of any clothing model.

What is PRE-ORDER?
Everything is very simple here. The item you have chosen is currently in one of the stages of production. And the fact that you order it now guarantees that you will be the first who'll receive a new item, de facto placing the order reserves it for you. And as soon as it is ready, our managers will contact you to agree on the shipping terms.
How to use the certificate?
You can purchase a certificate both online and in our offline stores, and use it within 1 year from the moment of purchase, both online and offline.

The certificate gives the right to purchase goods for the amount corresponding to the face value of the certificate from the range available in "Week" stores. A "gift certificate" can be used during one transaction, after which it is withdrawn by a cashier in a retail store or canceled by a sales manager in an online store.

In the event that the value of the product is less than the face value of the certificate, the difference is not reimbursed, is not transferred to subsequent purchases, and is not subject to payment in any form. If the purchase amount exceeds the value of the "Gift Certificate", the buyer pays the difference between the price of the product and the value of the certificate.

The "gift certificate" cannot be exchanged for cash, the balance is not paid in cash. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.